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Inside the VolarPack

CONVERT SC FLEXBi-directional Power Converter up to 1000 kVA

Convert SC Flex provides an outstanding conversion efficiency factor for both the charging and discharging phases. It features a seamless transition between on-grid and off-grid mode. This extends the battery energy storage system’s usage beyond its core functions to back-up in the event of a black-out. The system is provided as a turnkey solution including battery and transformer.


  • Utility scale storage converter

  • Up to 1000 kVA at 50 °C conversion power

  • Highest efficiency for charging and discharging

  • Black start capability

  • Seamless transition between on- and off-grid

  • Optional: back-up power for control & communication

  • Modular design


VoltarPack supports Commercial, Industrial, Mini-grid, and Off-grid providers with cost effective and reliable electrification solutions.

Load -Shedding

Provides power in the event of load- shedding

Peak Shaving

Leveling out peaks in electricity demand to avoid costly maximum demand charges

Load Shifting

Shift energy consuption from one time to another to avoid paying peak demand tarrif.

Demand Respons

Discharge instantly in response from signals from the utility operator to alleviate peaks in system loads.


Build mini-grids that can be disconnected from the main grid and operating independently.

Power Production

Renewable Integration

Optimize and firm the output of renewable power.

Capacity Reserve

Provide power and energy capacity as a stand alone source.

Scalable Design

The VoltarPack system can scale to any power and energy requirements.

Turn-Key Solutions

Product Description

The VoltarPack is a fully intergrated turn-key AC-coupled energy system with everything to create a grid connected, off-grid or mini-grid network. It dramatically simpifies the integration and installation.

Overall System Specs

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Overall System Specifications

“If rural communities access electricity, growth will be accelerated at a bigger scale than what it is now.”              - Samuel Gabra, University of Cambridge

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